Lift Me Up ~ Rihanna


Lift me up

Hold me down

Safe and Sound

Burning in a hopeless dream

Lift Me Up ~ From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

God has a special way of showing me how loved and protected I AM!

I am PROTECTED! I am LIGHT! I am LOVE! I am one of God’s favorites!

On October 27th, I gathered the last bit of my belongings and hot stepped out of an extremely toxic and dangerous situation. Dangerous in that, I lost sight of self and allowed my energy to be withdrawn without reciprocity.

Then MIDNIGHT fell upon us, it’s October 28th, and after 6 years of NO new sound from Rihanna…here goes God knowing exactly what “THIS FAVE” (me) would need at such a time as this.

RIHANNA, you had me at the first note! The tears had me in a chokehold for the entire song. Then she hit us with the instrumental that can easily be used as a lullaby.

RIHdiculously GENIUS!!!

The lyrics though…WHEW! Lift me up, hold me down, keep me close, safe and sound. These words are all I’ve ever asked for…to have someone love me ENOUGH to LIFT ME UP, yet HOLD ME DOWN, and KEEP ME SAFE from hurt and harm. I’ve been BURNING IN A HOPELESS DREAM, expecting someone else to be capable of loving me the way I LOVE others and how God loves me! However, that’s impossible if an individual doesn’t truly love themselves. One can only offer true love to others if they FIRST exhibit SELF LOVE.


Take some time and stay with me. Constantly hoping that your love will be reciprocated, just taking a few minutes out of one’s busy schedule to show the one they CLAIM to love that they are IN FACT…LOVED!

I am reminded of a TikTok that states, “If they wanted to they would”! NEVER beg ANYONE to give you what you can give to yourself. When doing this, you remove yourself from BURNING IN AN ENDLESS DREAM or DROWNING IN AN ENDLESS SEA!

This song is my reassurance that I did exactly what I was guided to do. The alignment of everything was INSANE but GOD DID!! God knowing the beginning from the end knew that Rihanna and her team would write a song that would bring me to my knees and cause me to shed many tears. NOT due to heartache but the realization that GOD was ALWAYS there lifting me up, holding me down, and keeping me safe in the arms of DANGER!

(LIFT ME UP) Hold me! Hold me! HOLD ME!



If you haven’t heard the song yet, please check it out here!