God’s Favor

We gon’ be alright! We gon be alright! We gon’ be alright!


Lyrics from Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”


After resigning from my 21 year career in July 2021, I knew I was eventually going to hit ROCK BOTTOM! I just didn’t know when.

THANKFULLY, God started preparing me back in 2019, when my best-friend suggested I read, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The onset of my growth began with that book.

The true test of my growth mindset was on January 30, 2020! I was driving into work all happy singing the songs from my Heading To Work playlist on Spotify. I parked my car, got out and heard the LOUDEST most DISTANT hissing sound. I looked around, closed my eyes and braced myself. Sure enough, my tire…MY BRAND NEW TIRE which I had just purchased two-three weeks prior had been punctured.

There was nothing I could do at the moment. So, I texted my companion at the time and he didn’t react the way I thought he should have but there was nothing he could do either! I said to self, “You’ll have to come back out at lunch time to reassess the damage. I grabbed my belongings and went to work.


I dropped my students off at the cafeteria and ran out to my car. Sure enough, my tire was as flat as a crepe but I didn’t panic. I did, however formulate a plan so I could get home at the end of the day. It was on this day, that I knew I was experiencing a tremendous amount of Spiritual Growth.


If you’ve been following my blog, Facebook posts or reels then you know that I resigned with FULL FAITH that God was going to take care of me. I was unemployed for over a year. STEADILY putting my resume out there but NOBODY wants to hire a teacher…either we are over qualified or under qualified. 🤷🏽‍♀️


It wasn’t until October of 2022, that I chose to be obedient and allow God to lead and NOT depend on MAN to provide for me. Sometimes we allow things and people to hold us back from our BLESSINGS.

So, a series of unfortunate events had occurred the end of September beginning of October that allowed me to see that my situation no longer served me. A few days after these incidents, I received a text message (a cry for help) from my daughter, which was my cue to make some major changes!

Needless to say, I was prepared for these changes because I had JUST received my tax refund from 2020…YES 2020 in September 2022, which allowed me to do what needed to be done!


Fast forward to January 2023, yet another series of events occurred !a dios mios! A company that owed me, misprinted their checks (which already had taken much longer to arrive than I anticipated), as a result they had to reissue checks 🤦🏽‍♀️ but WHY ARE THEY STILL ISSUING PAPER CHECKS? okay that’s above me. My child support didn’t post, bills that should have been lower were higher than usual and as a result my account balance had depleted from $100 to -$500 REAL QUICK.


I shrugged my shoulders, as I knew this day was coming. I made a few calls and got some refunds due to inaccuracies due to the companies’ negligence but my balance was still in the negative. When my paycheck hit everything was cleared but I was still in a bind because that negative $500 plus had to be repaid.


Still not panicking! Tuesday, January 17th, my cell service was interrupted. I could only use my phone to text iPhone to iPhone or for social media via wifi. I couldn’t make ANY calls. Cool, everything was under God’s control as this was his way of saying, “SIT WITH YOURSELF!” which he had been saying for quite some time but I’m a little hard-headed. I mean c’mon…I’m a Taurus!


I performed my morning ritual, a little later than usual but I still did it!

I lit my palo santo said my thank yous and then opened my banking apps one at a time, as I ran my palo santo under my phone to cleanse the negative energy from my accounts. I get to my child support app and it had gone from $0.23 to over $200 like WWWWHHHHHAAAYYYYTTTTT? I had just gotten a payment last week.

Now here’s THIS about THAT! Last week’s support was LATE, which was partially why my account was in the negative. The bank will cover your transgressions but ya gotta pay that back so, the insufficient fund fees kept piling up.


Child support hits every other week (well it’s supposed to). I hadn’t received a payment since December 20th. YOIKES, I’m trippin thinking about how late it was and the fact that I wasn’t trippin’! YAY ME!

Anyway, the money to pay various bills had finally arrived. Later that afternoon, I received a text from a special someone that needed to transfer money to me, so I could transfer it back to her via another banking app. I didn’t say yes right away because I wasn’t sure if I could cover it. Y’all know how these apps take a percentage from the money if you deposit it into your bank instantly. At this very moment I can’t sacrifice any coins…I NEED ALL MY COINS! So, I check my account, only to see that I had a higher balance than I did when I did my morning ritual. LIKE WHHHAAAYYYYTTT? Okay THANK YOU GOD! I SEE YOU WORKING IT OUT FOR YA GIRL!!!


It all comes down to how you handle your adversities! I’ve been handling them with a large smile and handing them to God on a silver platter, just for him to turn around and hand them back on a platinum platter. VIBE WITH ME HERE!

Growth mindset, detachment and faith allow you to manifest the things you desire, deserve and dream of!

Years ago (my daughter had to remind me of this), I said that my dream job would allow me to work on a beach. I am now able to work from anywhere wifi is available. I created this due to my diligence in my personal and spiritual growth! If God tells you to MOVE you better be prepared to JUMP! Cuz YOU GON’ BE ALRIGHT!!!

Love always,

~Elle aka Fese

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Shine Bright

Just Trust God

Twenty Twenty Two ended in a haze…literally! The entire day was cloudy with a heavy layer of fog that covered my part of Earth like a weighted blanket. December 31st left me with a hint of burdens mulling around, as if they were hopping in my luggage to enter the New Year with me.

However, I chose to leave the garbage in 2022!

As I opened my eyes this morning, and saw that the “weighted blanket” had been folded and put away…ALL I could do was SMILE and allow God’s goodness and the Year of 7 to soak in!

What God said to me this MURNIN by clearing the fog and haze was, “Look Babygirl, I got you! You got through a hazy year with NOTHING but SUNSHINE in your heart. So, here’s a new bright and shiny day to start off your BRIGHT and SHINY YEAR!” I responded, “I RECEIVE your clearing and light!”. TRUST GOD this year Y’ALL! It’s going to be more beautiful than you CAN EVER IMAGINE!