Shine Bright

Just Trust God

Twenty Twenty Two ended in a haze…literally! The entire day was cloudy with a heavy layer of fog that covered my part of Earth like a weighted blanket. December 31st left me with a hint of burdens mulling around, as if they were hopping in my luggage to enter the New Year with me.

However, I chose to leave the garbage in 2022!

As I opened my eyes this morning, and saw that the “weighted blanket” had been folded and put away…ALL I could do was SMILE and allow God’s goodness and the Year of 7 to soak in!

What God said to me this MURNIN by clearing the fog and haze was, “Look Babygirl, I got you! You got through a hazy year with NOTHING but SUNSHINE in your heart. So, here’s a new bright and shiny day to start off your BRIGHT and SHINY YEAR!” I responded, “I RECEIVE your clearing and light!”. TRUST GOD this year Y’ALL! It’s going to be more beautiful than you CAN EVER IMAGINE!

Twenty Twenty Three ~ Year of the 7


Welcome, Year of the 7! We look forward to all of the extraordinary things that will occur. But before you can start your job…we have to clear a few unwanted things out! Everything and everybody isn’t entitled to what is coming to God’s People.

Spiritual folk,

You should have been hearing his/her voice (the voice of your Spiritual alliance…whomever you pray to). If your intuition was tingling this year, you paid attention and went into action…CONGRATULATIONS are in order! The static which you created in your head has been cleared and you can now hear that God speaks in love and LOVE ONLY! So, if you noticed that loved ones didn’t speak in love…LEAVE THEM IN 2022. If you noticed that you begged for quality time from anyone…LEAVE THEM IN 2022! If you noticed there was little to NO reciprocity… LEAVE THEM IN 2022!!!

Don’t take any THING or any ONE with you in 2023 that didn’t treat you with the type of love YOU GIVE! We ain’t settling in The Year of the Seven! NOPE!

God is whispering, “You cleared the static…Now you can hear from ME!” Be thankful that you listened! Now be patient and wait for your blessings!

Happy New Year


~ Elle

Lift Me Up ~ Rihanna


Lift me up

Hold me down

Safe and Sound

Burning in a hopeless dream

Lift Me Up ~ From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

God has a special way of showing me how loved and protected I AM!

I am PROTECTED! I am LIGHT! I am LOVE! I am one of God’s favorites!

On October 27th, I gathered the last bit of my belongings and hot stepped out of an extremely toxic and dangerous situation. Dangerous in that, I lost sight of self and allowed my energy to be withdrawn without reciprocity.

Then MIDNIGHT fell upon us, it’s October 28th, and after 6 years of NO new sound from Rihanna…here goes God knowing exactly what “THIS FAVE” (me) would need at such a time as this.

RIHANNA, you had me at the first note! The tears had me in a chokehold for the entire song. Then she hit us with the instrumental that can easily be used as a lullaby.

RIHdiculously GENIUS!!!

The lyrics though…WHEW! Lift me up, hold me down, keep me close, safe and sound. These words are all I’ve ever asked for…to have someone love me ENOUGH to LIFT ME UP, yet HOLD ME DOWN, and KEEP ME SAFE from hurt and harm. I’ve been BURNING IN A HOPELESS DREAM, expecting someone else to be capable of loving me the way I LOVE others and how God loves me! However, that’s impossible if an individual doesn’t truly love themselves. One can only offer true love to others if they FIRST exhibit SELF LOVE.


Take some time and stay with me. Constantly hoping that your love will be reciprocated, just taking a few minutes out of one’s busy schedule to show the one they CLAIM to love that they are IN FACT…LOVED!

I am reminded of a TikTok that states, “If they wanted to they would”! NEVER beg ANYONE to give you what you can give to yourself. When doing this, you remove yourself from BURNING IN AN ENDLESS DREAM or DROWNING IN AN ENDLESS SEA!

This song is my reassurance that I did exactly what I was guided to do. The alignment of everything was INSANE but GOD DID!! God knowing the beginning from the end knew that Rihanna and her team would write a song that would bring me to my knees and cause me to shed many tears. NOT due to heartache but the realization that GOD was ALWAYS there lifting me up, holding me down, and keeping me safe in the arms of DANGER!

(LIFT ME UP) Hold me! Hold me! HOLD ME!



If you haven’t heard the song yet, please check it out here!


I’m gettin’ on my way

‘Cause these days I ain’t tryna complicate things

My heart’s in the right place

I’m setting intentions, manifestin’ good change

And life gets hard, but a purpose

It’s gotta make the bad days worth the tears

So, I’ll just be still, be still

‘Cause things are happening that I can’t see

And if I got patience, then I got peace

I have to let go, let go, let go of everything

And watch what happens when I break free


Justin Timberlake ~ Just Be via Khaled Khaled

April 29, 2021 my “relationship” came to an abrupt E



The reasoning was rather confusing especially since we weren’t experiencing any issues.  We had just come back from an extraordinary trip to Mexico.  No arguments were had and nothing indicated that a breakup was imminent.  However, I received a text message asking me to check my email.  I sent a text back informing him that I was driving and would check later but my intuition told me to check it IMMEDIATELY and I did just that!

This guy sent an email that insinuated a break up…first thing in the morning. 😱 On my way to work and got hit with that mess!  Thankfully, I didn’t dismiss my intuition and checked it before I got to work.  I shed a few tears but was able to gather my thoughts and emotions before I went into the building.  I made it through the day!  YAY ME!

The following day hit like a ton of bricks! My emotions were on 1,000!  He broke up with me 7 days before my birthday!  😂🤣😂…I am laughing cuz I just looked at the calendar to confirm if it was a week or more before my birthday. It was exactly 7 days before LMAO!  7 has always been a significant number for me but DAYUM!  I’m still laughing cuz there’s so much more to this story. 


April 30, I received the best gift ever!  DJ Khaled dropped Khaled Khaled! I had NO idea that he was gonna drop an album 🤷🏽‍♀️ but as he said on his April 26th TikTok, “To make this album was God’s hands all over it! Be great but be grateful!” Maaannn, if only he knew how much this album helped me get through a very dark and confusing time.

I wrote the words from Just Be” on post-its and put them on my mirror to read as I listened to the song…EVERY DAY.  

Music is a Love Language for me and this album was God’s way of letting me know I am covered and can get through ANYTHING!

So…I’ma CHILL and JUST BE!!!



Chilombo 3/6 🌋🌋🌋

February 21st sparked my countdown frenzy thanks to Jhené Aiko announcing that she was releasing her third album entitled Chilombo (her last name). She had JUST released a new single P*$$Y Fairy on January 17, along with a video! P*$$Y Fairy is the New Women’s Anthem!!!  Many men are benefitting from P*$$Y Fairy on the daily…TRUST!!!

Not only that, on February 26, she dropped yet another single “Happiness Over Everything” (H.O.E.) featuring Future & Miguel, accompanied by a video.

Jhené DID NOT COME TO PLAY with y’all H.O.E.’s!!!

       Cuz, the very next day, we got yet another announcement about The Magic Hour Tour and yours truly couldn’t wait for those presale tickets to DROP!!!

Let me line this up for y’all, she drops an album exactly 2 months before my birthday, announces a tour where she will be in DC 3 days before my birthday, and YOU KNOW I’m going, right?!!!

Jhené isn’t just a musical genius but a mogul!!! I’m so moved by her growth vocally and spiritually. You can sense the growth throughout Chilombo!!! I’m impressed and in tears. I’m so glad that I became a fan years ago cuz to see her on this side of her journey is everything. But more than that, I’m going to meet her three days before my birthday!!! Here’s to maintaining my composure!!!

Make sure you listen to the album!  I’ll be back to talk about my favorite songs. I’ve been listening to the album since it dropped at midnight! I’m gonna be hella tired…no I’m not thanks to Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s Avocolada with double energizer 🤷🏽‍♀️


Much love and respect

~ Elle





What do you do it for? What are you running for? What are you running towards? What are you trying to prove? What do you got to lose? What is the path you choose?

~ Ascension by Jhené Aiko

ascension – the act of rising to an important position or a higher level

To ascend one has to come face to face with SELF and life experiences. Life offers many ups and downs. One must open themselves up to reality, in order to deal with what is really causing the pain or anxiety. One has to dig deep, listen to, and focus on one’s self.  Dedicating this kind of time and energy to discover and possibly face the hurt again. This process may break you but will be worth it in the end.  This journey is not an easy one by any means.  This journey is going to require a lot of effort and hard work. 

 Why would one have to dig in order to ascend?  Getting to the root of the problem is what is going to allow the healing process to begin, hence ascension.

 Letting go of the past or letting go of things/people that no longer serve you along your journey…must go.  Unfortunately, that may mean family members, friendships, significant others, unhealthy thoughts, or anything toxic.

 I’ve lost so much in this life that I’ve gotten to a place where I have begun to feel a numbing sensation. In order to ascend I must allow myself to feel the hurt. I’ll allow it! It’s time to ASCEND!