Shine Bright

Just Trust God

Twenty Twenty Two ended in a haze…literally! The entire day was cloudy with a heavy layer of fog that covered my part of Earth like a weighted blanket. December 31st left me with a hint of burdens mulling around, as if they were hopping in my luggage to enter the New Year with me.

However, I chose to leave the garbage in 2022!

As I opened my eyes this morning, and saw that the “weighted blanket” had been folded and put away…ALL I could do was SMILE and allow God’s goodness and the Year of 7 to soak in!

What God said to me this MURNIN by clearing the fog and haze was, “Look Babygirl, I got you! You got through a hazy year with NOTHING but SUNSHINE in your heart. So, here’s a new bright and shiny day to start off your BRIGHT and SHINY YEAR!” I responded, “I RECEIVE your clearing and light!”. TRUST GOD this year Y’ALL! It’s going to be more beautiful than you CAN EVER IMAGINE!

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