Shine Bright

Just Trust God

Twenty Twenty Two ended in a haze…literally! The entire day was cloudy with a heavy layer of fog that covered my part of Earth like a weighted blanket. December 31st left me with a hint of burdens mulling around, as if they were hopping in my luggage to enter the New Year with me.

However, I chose to leave the garbage in 2022!

As I opened my eyes this morning, and saw that the “weighted blanket” had been folded and put away…ALL I could do was SMILE and allow God’s goodness and the Year of 7 to soak in!

What God said to me this MURNIN by clearing the fog and haze was, “Look Babygirl, I got you! You got through a hazy year with NOTHING but SUNSHINE in your heart. So, here’s a new bright and shiny day to start off your BRIGHT and SHINY YEAR!” I responded, “I RECEIVE your clearing and light!”. TRUST GOD this year Y’ALL! It’s going to be more beautiful than you CAN EVER IMAGINE!

Twenty Twenty Three ~ Year of the 7


Welcome, Year of the 7! We look forward to all of the extraordinary things that will occur. But before you can start your job…we have to clear a few unwanted things out! Everything and everybody isn’t entitled to what is coming to God’s People.

Spiritual folk,

You should have been hearing his/her voice (the voice of your Spiritual alliance…whomever you pray to). If your intuition was tingling this year, you paid attention and went into action…CONGRATULATIONS are in order! The static which you created in your head has been cleared and you can now hear that God speaks in love and LOVE ONLY! So, if you noticed that loved ones didn’t speak in love…LEAVE THEM IN 2022. If you noticed that you begged for quality time from anyone…LEAVE THEM IN 2022! If you noticed there was little to NO reciprocity… LEAVE THEM IN 2022!!!

Don’t take any THING or any ONE with you in 2023 that didn’t treat you with the type of love YOU GIVE! We ain’t settling in The Year of the Seven! NOPE!

God is whispering, “You cleared the static…Now you can hear from ME!” Be thankful that you listened! Now be patient and wait for your blessings!

Happy New Year


~ Elle