Attention is expensive to pay! I can’t get by on minimum wage! ~ Jhene Aiko

Relationships can be complex! You have two people from different upbringings, with different life experiences.  Choosing to be in a relationship requires time, devotion, consideration, sacrifice, and will!

When we see someone that sparks our interest or that we think may fit our profile as a potential significant other, we don’t often think about all that goes into maintaining that “INTEREST”.

The calls and texts begin coming in on a regular.  Then the long, late night conversations occur that end with “No, you hang up,” or the falling asleep with each other on the phone just to wake up in the middle of the night to hard breathing, snoring, or a dial tone (throwback).

Courting – to be involved with romantically. Synonyms – set one’s cap for, romance, dating, woo

We court the “love interest” and get them accustomed to spending quality time but then reality sets in. Work, family, friends, bills…just everyday life become factors that change the consistency of courting and often, the person that we sought after must take the back seat.  This can be dangerous territory if not dealt with properly. It’s OH SO important to make sure that the significant other doesn’t remain on the back burner.

Courting an “interest” is what led to the relationship that you are now in.  Maintaining that “interest” (even in marriage) is imperative!  Attention is expensive to pay…is your man or lady worth that wage?

~ Elle

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