HASTY, CRAZY, PRECIPITOUS…🤷🏽‍♀️meh who cares!

July 12, 2021, GOD TOLD ME TO JUMP and on the way up, I asked how high!  I didn’t question the thought or feeling, I knew to go with it!  As I stated in “I’m a Survivor” (if you haven’t read it, check it out), I resigned from my career of 21 looonnng years! People looked at me crazy when I told them I resigned without another job lined up! But by the end of the 2021 School Year, I knew that was the end of the education system FOR ME!!!

I have trust issues

But one thing I trusted in July 2021 was my intuition! BOOM! Here I am, months later still unemployed but receiving ABUNDANCE left and right!  I actually trusted God to take care of me and he continues to BLESS and SHOW OFF!

Background knowledge

Now that I have the time, I am always creating content to post on social media. I created a post using a video of Rihanna accidentally going live on TikTok, which went “viral”. I posted this TikTok/reel on all social platforms and it went crazy on Facebook. 3.5 Million views 😱 (this means that 3.5 million people have seen my face?!) OMG! I was just having fun and “paying homage” to The Queen…Rihanna! Y’all know how I feel about her!

Content creation

Anyway, one day I was scrolling on IG, saw an ad and without a second thought, I filled out and submitted my information.  Thereafter, I totally forgot about the submission until I received an email stating that my application had been received and I would be notified in another email, if my application was accepted.

February 7th, my application was accepted!  Let me just tell you how the tears welled up in my eyes! 

Okay, enough suspense!  I have the opportunity to bring awareness to mental health conditions and suicide prevention by creating content!  Those of you that know me KNOW how near and dear this is to my heart!  With that being said, with YOUR VOTES I will have the opportunity to advance to the next round and appear on a reality show with @InfluenceMe TV who is working in coordination with The JED Foundation.  The JED Foundation changes and saves lives by providing support to assist teenagers and young adults making it less likely for them to participate in unhealthy behaviors.

Voting begins on March 8 and runs through May 6 (my birthday)! This is going to be the greatest birthday gift ever! I CAN FEEL IT! Please look for my link on all social media platforms and THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your donation/birthday gift!

Had I not listened to my intuition, made that TikTok dueting Rihanna, and not believed that God would take care of me…I would not be where I am now!

Alignment – a position of agreement or alliance

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To vote for free: Go to to create an account and then click on this link to go to my profile. Donations are also accepted in increments of $1/vote! Thank you and let’s help people heal!

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