You’ve been Robbed

As I begin to write this, portions of Playa Hater by Notorious BIG come to mind ~

Playa, turn your head round/Lay on the ground, you’ve been robbed/Wake up, open the door/Lay on the floor, you’ve been robbed.

In light of everything that happened yesterday…this morning WPGC 95.5 asked callers what was the worst thing they’ve done during/after a breakup.

Just in case you were under a rock or something and missed yesterday’s SOCIAL MEDIA DEBACLE…Rob Kardashian took to Instagram and posted nude pictures of Blac Chyna (the mother of his child), their text messages and the like.  In his rants, he told of her affairs with other men while they were together, told how much money he spent on her “bounce back” body (after the baby), and outed another couple that had a threesome with her…Blac Chyna.

All that being said, breaking up is NOT easy. However, there are ways to come out with your head held high.  With that being said, please keep in mind that Rob K. is known to deal with depression and I believe that his “outburst” was his way of dealing with the issues at hand.

We’ve all dealt with breakups and I’m sure some of us have done somethings we aren’t so proud to own up to.

So, as I was listening to WPGC 95.5 this morning…I thought about myself and my many break ups (dating and marriage) and how I’ve dealt them.

Elle after a breakup:

  1.  I’m not slashing your tires.
  2. I’m not gonna go after the new chick.
  3. I’m not calling him (ex) or her (new chick).
  4. I’m NOT freezing accounts.
  5. I’m not gonna be on the run cuz I lost my shit!


  1.  Contemplate several petty get backs but never follow through.
  2.  LOVE ME!
  3.  Seek counseling for self.
  4.  Smile and laugh cuz he lost.
  5.  *I’LL WAIT FOR IT* If he cheated on ME..he will do the same to the next.
  6.  Encourage those that have been through similar situations. (DON’T GIVE UP!)
  7.  DELETE pictures of us on social media.

When one makes the decision to step outside of their marriage/relationship and destroy their family just to lie down with a “new body”…he/she doesn’t love him/herself.  Destroying a relationship has a huge impact not only on the two people involved but also those around them.  Often times, those that aren’t in the relationship are hurt the most. #sadderday  Seeking to destroy the person that has hurt you, won’t just hurt that person.  TREAD CAREFULLY!

Don’t rob yourself of your freedom from the toxic person that sought to destroy you via their “low self-esteem” and lack of commitment.  You are worth maintaining your dignity.


~ Playa, turn your head round/Take off that crown, you’ve been robbed/Wake up, open the door/ Don’t cry no more, you’ve been robbed/ Lay on the floor, you’ve been robbed/ Wake up (wake your ass up), take off your jewels/You fuckin fools, you’ve been robbed (this is a ROBBERY)! ~ The Notorious B.I.G. – Playa Hater (Life After Death)


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